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Pregnancy tests are considered as reliable tools that detects early pregnancy for most women. They usually prefer the test kits that are available in the medicinal shops rather than the laboratory tests. These kits give reliable results which are accurate most of the time. Under certain circumstances, such as incorrect test reading, interference of external factors the test results can undergo certain variations. So it is very necessary for you to know how you can read pregnancy test results and the factors which influence them.

How Do These Tests Work?

Through a pregnancy test the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is detected. The placenta secrets this hormone and it gives nourishment to the embryo that develops. The test kits that are used can detect even little amount of HCG in a pregnant woman’s urine.

The pregnancy test results appear on a strip. The results expression varies a lot depending on how the test kits are manufactured. In some two faint pink lines characterizes a positive pregnancy test while in others it is symbolized by a plus sign. The urine sample that is obtained during the morning time is considered ideal for these tests as it has maximum amount of HCG.

What Factors Affect Pregnancy Test Results?

While you opt for EPT pregnancy test or homemade pregnancy tests it is very important that certain instructions given on the kits should be followed. The urine sample that is used for testing should be inside the bladder for a time period of four hours. Dilute samples of urine do not contain enough HCG that the test can detect. The pregnancy test should conduct for a prescribed time otherwise it may lead to false pregnancy results. Prolonging the pregnancy test can lead to false positive pregnancy while if it is ended early then that can result in false negative pregnancy.

It is recommended by most doctors that one should wait for a home pregnancy test until the day you miss your periods. This usually happens around two weeks after conception. However there are a few tests that are more sensitive and can be done earlier. If the instructions are followed well and the results can be interpreted correctly then it has been seen that home pregnancy test results are almost 97% accurate.
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