Pregnancy Diet Plan – Follow It for A Healthy Pregnancy

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It is a very well known fact that pregnant women have become used to living by the common adage “I’m eating for two”. But in the recent time what is mostly suggested that women who are expecting should not follow a pregnancy diet that consists of foods more in amount rather that has nutritional value. Pregnancy is marked by stages of worry and distress as the mother is always worried about giving birth to a healthy child. A pregnancy diet plan is considered as an important issue during pregnancy as it looks after the health of the mother and the child.

First let us talk about the meals that a perfect pregnancy diet plan should comprise of. The meals should be rich in protein that helps in maintaining the level of blood sugar to make you feel satiated. They should also have vegetables and fats. Healthy fats even give you a feeling of satiety and results in neural development of the child. The meals should also comprise of healthy grains like millet, quinoa and brown rice as they not as allergic as the wheat products.

Meal 1 - Have organic eggs in breakfast: If you are in the habit of taking coffee or tea quite often, then use sweeteners like raw honey, stevia, agavia syrup or xylitol instead of sugar or any kind of sweeteners. Having an omelet using organic eggs, tomato and spinach will make your meal healthy. With protein, you can even have cooked quinoa or millets. This will give your meal an additional boost of vegetables along with proteins.

Meal 2 - Make lean beef a part of your lunch: You can have a salad comprising of green leafy vegetables for your lunch. This gives the body calcium as well as Omega-3s. Lean and organic beef should be added to the salad. Sprinkling some flaxseed or olive oil on it can further add up to the healthy fatty content of the salad. Drink lots of water throughout the day.

A pregnant woman should drink water equal to the half of her body weight. A glass or two should be included after every meal.

Meal 3 - Snacks should contain raw nuts: At least two different snacks should be taken regularly, especially when one feels there is a drop in the blood sugar level. Most women prefer it taking during the morning and afternoon, but one can have it also at bedtime. Celery can be the best item for your snack. You can cut them into long logs (of around 2 inches) and fill with nut butter or almond butter. Not only it is delicious, but also provides you protein, veggies, healthy fats in one bite.

Meal4 - Have Chicken and Broccoli for Dinner: Try out naturally grilled chicken in dinner. It contains a lot of protein which further has amino acids aiding in the neural as well as cognitive development of the baby. Have it with brown rice that contains fiber and along with it you can even add broccoli to ensure the intake of healthy fats.

While you are pregnant, you should know what to have and what foods to avoid during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should be conscious about her pregnancy diet plan as the health of the baby is completely depended on what she has and how well she take care of herself.

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