What Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy?

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Being a concerned mother, a pregnant lady would like to do every possible thing to make sure that safety and well being of her baby is maintained. Thus it is important for every mother to maintain a well balanced pregnancy diet Plan to ensure that she is giving her baby every opportunity to develop and grow normally, before the child is born. According to experts, it is important for a pregnant lady to consume 300 calories more than what she had before her pregnancy. But the foods that she has should have healthy benefits that will not affect her health. The following foods should be restricted for a pregnant woman for the overall development of the mother and the baby:

  • Seafood: Doctors generally advice all the pregnant woman not to consume sea food as a few of them has high mercury as well as chemical percentage which prove to be very harmful to the baby.
  • Unpasteurized Food:  It is absolutely a no-no for those who are pregnant. Dairy products that are made from unpasteurized milk may result in food contaminated diseases.
  • Undercooked Meat and Egg: When you are expecting your child, eating undercooked (or raw) meat or egg is not at all advisable. You should also avoid such foods that contain them as these foods may have viruses and bacteria that cause diseases.
  • Artificial sweeteners: According to clinical data, there has been no proof that artificial sweeteners are among the foods to avoid during pregnancy as they have side effects and cannot be taken by mothers. However in order to keep yourself safe, avoid or even minimize the intake of desserts and sweets containing ingredients of artificial sweetening.
  • Liver: The liver recipes that are rich in vitamin A are a real treat for non vegetarians. But the excessive intake of livers should be reduced during pregnancy. Too much of intake of vitamin A may result in birth defects.
  • Raw Sprouts: Consuming a lot of raw sprouts can lead to infections during pregnancy.
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits: The vegetables and fruits which are unwashed contain a lot of bacteria. A pregnant woman should refrain herself from eating raw vegetables like alfalfa, radish and others as they contain bacteria that causes diseases.

Last but not the least; you should remember one thing that preparation and food handling are important to avoid bacterial infections. You should make sure that the food should be cooked thoroughly and consuming refrigerated or frozen foods is not all advisable. Know in details what food to avoid during pregnancy so that you can ensure the proper growth and development of your child.

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